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TESTfunda.com is managed by a team of three IIT-IIM Alumni. TestFunda has a 85+ member team of Educationists, Instructional Designers and Systems Architects with vast experience in MBA Coaching and Computer-Based Training and Testing.

Address: Enabilon Learning Pvt Ltd

B1-201 Center Point, Delisle Road

Mumbai 400 013

Landmark: Opp. Bawla Masjid


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onNovember 4, 2013 at 14:24 PM

iift discount coupons

Reply by admin

Hi Rahul, Try coupon code: TFIIFT and get the mock test worth Rs.499 for Rs.399 ( Rs.100 off) Checkout all offers at : http://www.coupondesh.com/testfunda-coupons :)

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