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KnowSys Ecom Pvt. Ltd belongs to the KnowSys group we are the Subsidary company for KnowSys Info (India) Ltd and own domains like www.shopuli.com and www.dealgalli.com.
We as a group have a wide range of vertical in business and revenue's coming from offline trading activities to multi-retail online store.We as a group began our journey from 2007 and by 2012 haved reached sales of around 3million US$.
We are passionate about what we do and place great emphasis on keeping up to date with the latest developments online, so much so in fact, that we could be accused of being totally addicted to the Web!When combined with friendly, knowledgeable and responsive service, the results have been many successful online campaigns and great partnerships with our customers - a fact which we feel is reflected in most new clients hearing about us through personal recommendation.

Address: Knowsys E-Com Pvt Ltd.
B11/12, Bhiwandiwala Terrace, Ground Floor, Marine Lines,
Mumbai - 400 002.
(T) 22031386 / 22031387


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Upto 20% off on major categories at Shopuli

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Upto 20% off on major categories at Shopuli.

Get wide range of electronics, fashion, stationery, kitchen, home decor, toys, sports accessories and luggages.

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  • one opf the biggest frauds and scammers in online shopping industry in India. Highly Unprofessional, they speak to the customer in hindi slang. I spoke to one ashwin something regarding my refund and i was abused and got replies as if you talking to some roadside guy selling stuffs. even the company owner does not pay any attention to customer complains. One will keep complaining, writing dozens of emails and calling them dozens of time after a particular time they would even stop bothering to answer your calls. Emails ? they dont bother replying.
    prem posted on 10 Jun 2014 08:58
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