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eDabba.com offers at great prices, the widest assortment of Mobiles, Jewelry, IT products, Electronics, Appliances, Travel and others, to Indian shoppers. You can find top discount coupons and coupon codes for edabba here. Unique model that combines ecommerce and physical platform, empowers customers with power of online shopping through its physical Touch points called edabba Trust points. edabba offers a wide range of products that include books, electronics, entertainment, beauty, organic food, travel etc. Other similar deals can be explored at eBikree coupon and American Swan offers.

Corporate Office: 612, 6th Floor,
Shivai Plaza Marol Co.Op,
Industrial Estate,
CTS No. 748 to 750,
Marol Village, Plot No: 79 (A-3)
Andheri (E), Mumbai 400 059.
Tel. No: (+91) 8080808187, (+91 22) 4217 4400.  
Email: [email protected]



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About Edabba

"How can money be the root of all evil, when shopping is the cure for all sadness", said elizabeth taylor.Call it a necessary evil or a painful pleasure, shopping is the life and blood of every human being(not being gender biased on that one).When such is the importance of these 8 letters in our lives we try everyday to make it convenient for us to do the particular thing efficiently and quickly 'cause of course we are a sort of time machines of our generation whose function is not to go into the past or future but to alarm and brace itself for yielding timely results which doesn't count our personal but professional work.

On that note, I bring before you the term "Online Shopping", which helps you in winning your race against time. Quick and efficient as i had said before, it brings to you thousands of shops and brands shopping before your eyes in seconds. All you need is internet connectivity n your ATM or credit card number. I'll elaborate this whole procedure by giving an example. So Edabba.com here was founded in 2011 by Mr. Manoj Kumar who after acquiring electronics engineering degree and management degree from IIM Lucknow and gaining 18 years of experience in consumer electronics and durables went on to establish this exceptionally well functioning entity. Edabba aims at providing the same delightful shopping experience to all its customers as do while on foot running around the physical shops. A young and fresh company edabba's basic objective is to deliver value to its clients and customers alike through its myriad range of products such as books, electronics, organic food and music, movie CD's, home appliances, jewellery, travel and leisure. They also help in booking hotel rooms and tickets online. But here comes the exceptional element that distinguishes it from the other online shopping sites. The "Trust Points" which basically act as the channel between consumers and edabba,and intends to banish fear from the minds of the consumers related to online shopping. This online shopping mall actually has 606 trust points in various parts of India be it M.P or U.P, Rajasthan or Orissa. It's actually a physical body present which helps one to understand the whole idea of online shopping and its pains and pleasures. It also provides free slot for one to advertise mobiles, laptops, camera, travel opportunities and hotel booking services without their investing in stocks or retailing. Now, that's how you build trust of the customers.

Besides this, Edabba also provides facilities like cash on delivery, manufacturer's warranty, largest range of every product possible. They help compare between products of two different brands, every product has a comparison option beneath the product image which on being clicked will add the product to a comparison tray. As for electronics, there is always a possibility of some concerns, for which one can directly contact the respective service centres of the brands involved or can freely contact Edabba at anytime to help resolve the issue with the concerned brand. The details regarding their respective service centres is also been given. One can experience a whole new joy ride by being a part of the "Edabba club" which helps you form a community of your family and friends through which he/she can be entitled to the points for shopping done by them as well. It's basically an endeavour of the company to help gain more and more points which in turn leads to more and more profit of the customer. The points hence earned can be redeemed in form of currency or can be enchased through an A/C payee cheque, once a year. In case of transit damage or a wrong product delivered, edabba will offer direct replacement of the product within 30 days of delivery. Customer should inform edabba/amazon team about the damaged/wrong product immediately. No extra cost to be borne by customer. In case of defected product received, respective brand's service policy will be applicable. In case of packed products, edabba will offer a Refund within 7 days of delivery (in a form of edabba Gift Vouchers) provided customer informs edabba/amazon team immediately. Customer to bear shipping back cost of the product in this case.

Often, while shopping you face such a situation where you fall in love with some garment or product and become determined to buy it but suddenly it dawns on you that you are short of money or you have too less money to fulfil your desires. What can one do in such a situation??? Will the "dabba" of wishes remain empty??? Of course not !!'cause there is one friend out there who is ready to help you unconditionally and well guessed it's ShopPal. This pal of yours is capable of providing such coupons which offers discounts upto 30%.So,a dress of 2500 could be bought at 1750 which is after all not a bad offer. Availing these offers through the coupons is also extremely easy and convenient. All one needs to do is to visit ShopPal.in and click on the featured stores. Then a page pops up which contains numerous such sites alphabetically. For Edabba we go to E and click on the site concerned. Then, the next page which appears contains coupon code which has to be copied and then pasted while ongoing transaction involved in buying a particular thing. So, one gets a privilege of obtaining hassle free discount which was just a click away. A person in oblivion keeps on searching for cheap retailers when your shopping buddy is so close.

Socialising has become a necessity now a day. Extensive advertising and marketing is needed for making your enterprise known amongst people. This essential strategy has made Edabba a known face amongst renowned cornucopia of media. It has shook hands with The Economic times, The Outlook Magazine and lots more. Hybrid E-com Startup Edabba Raises $1M,Edabba's Brick & Click Retailing Model to Target Category B&C towns, secures $1 mn funding are all mentioned in some or the other issue of The Economic times,vcircle.com etc. They have a wide range of followers on facebook, twitter and youtube. They showcase numerous advertisements to increase its popularity through youtube as well as reveal latest collections and offers on apparels and goods on the facebook, twitter pages. They also have a well established blog which presents writing in form of product description such that can lure customers as human blood lures mosquito.

One can mention their queries, complaints or feedback on Edabba's facebook or twitter page or can call on the helpline number 022-42174400 Monday to Saturday between 9am to 6pm or can mail them at [email protected]

Marvellous indeed is the look of such sophisticated ways of shopping without laying your hands on the accused sentenced to life imprisonment in your closet with, of course occasional bailing. Return policies and the fear of the quality of products delivered have always been a major issue with these online shopping portals. But, much of such issues have been solved with the arrival of sites as Edabba who ensure their customers to return their money without quibbling if they didn't like the respective thing they ordered and hence are intending to return it. And definite replacement is guaranteed in case of wrong delivery or delivery of defective product.

What a person needs is this kind of endurance and then builds up a wall of immense strength because it in it there is concrete of faith and cement of trust which is unflinching and un-diminishing. Proper goal and determination is what Mr. Manoj had put in to become an exemplary entrepreneur. The nation needs many more such brave and awe-inspiring gentleman to help it become what the makers of our nation had dreamt it to be. "Men are only as good as their technological developments allow them to be"-George Orwell.