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DigitalOcean, Inc. is an American cloud infrastructure provider that provisions virtual servers for software developers. The company is headquartered in New York City and possesses data centers worldwide.


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Refer and get $25 free hosting credits

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Everyone you refer gets $10 in credit. Once they’ve spent $25 with us, you'll get $25. There is no limit to the amount of credit you can earn through referrals.

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About Digital Ocean

If you are looking for a smart and swift way to start experimenting with cloud, a scalable low-cost solution then nothing beats DigitalOcean. Their tagline says it all, “Simple Cloud Hosting Built for Developers”.

Starting with the basics of VPS in the cloud and DNS management, DigitalOcean is quite fairly priced. Start with your scalable cloud architecture without making a dent in your wallet. The ongoing discounts help you avail best server capacities at lowest possible prices with discounts upto 50% off.

One of the biggest hosting companies, DigitalOcean is committed to growth offering benefits for its customer base. With several new features for the developers, part of its appeal lie in it being a simple platform that offers so much, for so less.

This simple and scalable cloud computing solution has made a strong effort in supporting the development community by offering a solution for scaling distributed applications in the cloud. And this is one of the reasons of it being very popular with open source developers.

Setting up your server is an easy feat with all the help from their knowledge base with tutorials. Create your very first DigitalOcean server and you are good to go. The Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider has built a strong reputation and following as the cloud infrastructure service for developers.

Maintaining a provisional time of less than a minute, low I/O latency, private networking and an API that offers developers control over their virtual private servers, DigitalOCean is the platform to begin your cloud experience. Find the best coupons for DigitalOcean across the web to start your cloud computing now. The best they got is refer and earn. Refer DigitalOcean and you stand a chance of getting free hosting credits. The best part about this coupon is that there is no limit to the amount of credit you can earn through referrals.

How Digital ocean referral program works:
1. Tell your friends about the DigitalOcean benefits
2. Your friend signs up and receives $10 credit in his DO account
3. You too earns $25 after your friend reaches $25 in billings

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