Trendy Summer Sundresses 2013 for Women

Though many of us hate summer season but some women love this particular season. It is just the right time when they can flaunt their figure and shred off that extra and heavy-weighted clothes. Women can wear whatever they like and that is what they like about this season; there is no if and no

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Shoppal contest: Guess it- Get it

Shoppal‘s “Guess it- Get it” contest: Now its your turn. Guess the price of this beautiful stone dangler,post your answer in the comment box and reserve you chance to win this. Sponsored by: Pink and you Instructions: 1. The price of this item is set between Re.1 and Rs.1000. The correct price has already been predetermined

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Enjoy the Convenience of Online Shopping

Today we all love to shop online and there are numerous reasons behind doing so. In recent times, online shopping has become the most popular activity amongst people who don’t have time for shopping directly from the stores. But still some people feel scared when they heard about online shopping. It’s time to change yourself

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Celebrate Mother’s Day with Shoppal

Before I start with this piece of writing, I would like to salute all the brave mother’s on this earth. With mother’s day around the corner, we have some great ideas for you that might help you out celebrate this special day on a special way. This is the day when we should make them

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Why people go crazy for Discount Coupons?

Whether you are a frequent online shopper or a newbie in this field, everyone feels the same when they heard about shopping coupons or discount coupons. Savings is something that we all love to do and coupons are the quickest and easiest way to save money. With economic condition deteriorating every day, it is the

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