Do you look older than you actually are? Here are 10 fashion mistakes you might be making

Dressing up can drastically change the way we look and sometimes it may be changing for bad. No matter how much we try there are a few mistakes that most of us keep repeating and it is those mistakes that add extra years to our otherwise youthful look.

If you too fall under this category then after reading this one you will not be a part to it anymore. So ladies, here’s what you need to work on.

  1. Bad-fit

Are you still wearing those ill-fitted, loose clothes? Ladies it’s time to throw them out of your closet now and out of your life forever. Shapeless and ill-fit clothes make your figure look unshapely and as said earlier make you look older than you are.

Invest in well-fitted clothes that are tailored for you. They will always look good adding timelessness to your look.

  1. Bra blunder

Droopy boobs are a sure-shot way to look older and we’re sure you don’t want that. You know what to do right? Get fitted now and then get a few good bras that fit you perfectly. An ill-fit bra can make you look disproportionate and a right fit bra will make a huge difference in your over-all look. The perfect bra is when you are wearing it on the middle hook and if that’s not the case get new ones.

  1. Mismatched silhouettes

You know what’s the easiest way to add years to your look? Wearing styles that don’t go together! Wearing proportionate clothes is the answer here. Balance out your silhouettes and you got it right.

  1. Let go of the dulls

Greys, blues, blacks, who doesn’t love them, but at the cost of looking older, nah! Go for brighter, prettier colours that add freshness to your look. Reds, pinks, oranges, yellow are the colours that you should pick the next time you shop. And if you can’t give up on dull colour then what you can do is add a pop of colour through a bright scarf or bright lipstick or bright accessories.

  1. Oversized glasses are a big no-no

Nerdy glasses do count as style statement for some but don’t you think they make you look older. What thick glasses do is magnify thin lines and wrinkles around your eyes and obviously you look older. Go for chic frames that complement your face structure or better go for contacts.

  1. Chunky and blingy accessories

The OTT accessories that you thought looked so funky are actually making you look older. Its time you invest in delicate pieces that look classy and chic.

  1. Footwear is important

All you need are a good pair of shoes to transform your look. A few rules are what you need to keep in mind to keep it young and trendy. Don’t wear socks with open footwear, polish your shoes before wearing them, chunky and platform heels add bulk to your calves and kitten heels in themselves spell old.

  1. Black beauty

Black has always been a savior but too much of black in any outfit is the perfect way for fine lines and wrinkles to stand out. No, we are not asking you to get rid of your black outfits but just suggesting or rather requesting you to add a dash of brightness to it with a red lipstick or a bag or shoes. Take your call.

  1. Neckline matters

Do we need to say it out loud that how much a neckline matters. While trying out a dress, don’t just do it to see the how it fits but also to try the neckline. Not every neckline suits everyone. High necklines that cover too much neck can make you look older so keep that in mind.

  1. Hemline too matters

Covering up is not the solution to look thinner and younger; in fact it is the perfect way to make you look big and older. Longer hemlines do not look flattering on all. Find the right length that suits your body type and stick to it. A midi or knee length skirt or dresses are the perfect way to look polished and young and of course trendy.

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