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Here’s how you can stick to your New Year shopping resolution with these 5 point something

It’s that time of the year again when we all make new resolutions and promise ourselves to stick to them no matter what come may. But by the end of the second week all the resolutions go astray and we are back to square one.

Alas, such are resolutions!

But this year it is going to be different. Want to know how?

You can conquer and come out as a winner only when you recognize the gains that lie ahead of your resolution.

Most people make a resolution for a healthier lifestyle but not many understand the fact that a healthy lifestyle requires not only improving physical, emotion and mental health but financial health too. And, it is this health we are talking about and are here to guide you improve it by focusing on your shopping habits.

It’s never too late to shop smarter and save some dough, after all January has just started and you have the entire 2017 to be a smart shopper. So make your resolution now and with these five points something, stick to them like a pro.

  1. Homework, R & D, explore…

Whatever you call it, we call it the first step to be a smart shopper to save big on not only your extravagant shopping but for regular shopping too. Shopping on a whim is good but shopping after you do some research is even better not only for your satisfaction level but your pockets too. Compare prices between stores, apply coupons, read customer reviews, read terms and conditions of different shopping stores; it is the best way to secure great deals and also easiest way to get out of not-so-great deals or returns and exchange.

This will keep you updated on the upcoming sales and deals and also you will be able to judge when certain product prices go down so you can make major purchases within that particular time period.

  1. Shopping for the right product

Most customers rarely realize that they are shopping for the wrong product. For example, you buy the latest tablet available in the market but did you consider the fact that maybe you don’t require such high specifications. You could have done well with the earlier version too that was cheaper than the newer one.

Before you decide to take the plunge, determine what you require from that product. Write down a list of features that you value most and then buy accordingly. You’d be surprised at how much you can save on a less advanced but more affordable version of everything you require. This especially applies to the electronics category.

  1. Loyalty pays

Follow your favourite retailers to show your loyalty this year. Sign up for their email list, follow them on social media and be amongst the privileged few to know about the sales and deals.

The more you shop with the store the more familiar you will become with the retailer’s promotions. Also, being a loyal customer you get an upper hand when negotiating prices for major purchases. You can also enjoy the various benefits attached with the loyalty programs.

  1. Let your mobile phone do all the work

You already must be using your phone…a lot. And now use it more when you shop. Obviously you’ll be using your mobile phone while shopping online but even if you do like the experience of in-store browsing your phone might come in handy.

Load your devices with apps that compare prices and instantly you know where you are getting a great or a sore deal. There even are apps that notify you of upcoming sale, help you budget your shopping, organize all your tracking numbers and online purchases.

  1. Gear up for the big sale

It might be months away but you can do your preparations well in advance. Before the hyped shopping day arrives be prepared with your list of products and keep an eye open on the other sales. You can find great deals on sales happening every other month so do your research and hit it when the season of discounts is full on.

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