Bet you didn’t know these amazing ways to rock those everyday leggings

Which fashion item you think is highly versatile and super comfortable? I think we all agree that leggings are one fashion wear that can be dressed down or up no matter what the occasion. But, as good as it might sound they sometimes do tend to goof up and ruin your look.

But we will not let that happen and that is why we bring you helpful tips on how to wear your leggings so you not only be bang on style but do not miss the comfort part too.

  • Get the basics right starting with your underwear

Laying the right foundation is highly important for putting up the right start. Understand the importance of wearing the right underwear as the leggings you wear are made to fit you like second skin. Wearing underwear that is too tight will cause butt spills and show the seams and creases. Choose underwear that is seamless and holds your butt together and also that does not dig in to your skin.

  • Fabric for your body type

Choose the fabric of the leggings that enhance your legs. If you are petite then go for cotton spandex blend that does not stick to your legs and adds a little volume to your frame. If you are the one with a fuller figure then avoid fabrics that stick to your body as they will make you look even more bulky by enhancing your curves.

Since its winter time you can try leather finish leggings that not only will flatter your legs but also help you nail that winter style.

  • Length does matter

Does your legging stack up at your ankle? If it does then let us tell you that it is a total fashion disaster. Your leggings should ideally end above your ankles as this is how it should be to look neat and mind you it will make a lot of difference to your overall look.

  • Basic colours

Black leggings are extremely versatile and if you are a beginner then you should start with black leggings only. Also since black looks flattering on any one and every one (you know why) start with black and gradually go ahead with other colours and patterns too.

  • Avoid the see-through types

Most leggings come in thin fabrics and tend to be see-through. Make sure you buy a legging that is made with good quality fabric that is thick enough to not go sheer when stretched.

  • No tight tops

Tight on the top and tight on the bottom too, how would it look? Even if you wish to team up your tight leggings with a fitted top or tee make sure to throw in a third piece like a shrug or a stole or a blazer.

  • A long enough top

We don’t argue that you have a wonderful derriere but showing them off in leggings might not be a good idea. Why, because most leggings are made of thin fabric that stick to your butt and also because longer tops look more flattering with leggings. Try it with both long and short and you’ll know the difference.

  • Go experiment

Bored of those regular leggings, we say you and experiment with different textures and colours like white, pink, yellow, Red, Green or blue. Amp up your fashion game with leather leggings that would make you look super-hot and sexy when paired with boots and shirts.

  • Tights or leggings, wear both

We agree tights look good but will they be able to keep you warm in those cold and freezing nights? You wouldn’t want to be the one freezing out there right and also not compromising on your style, so you have an alternative that is both stylish and comfy. Ditch those tights and go for leggings these winters. Team them up with an awesome pair of boots and you are all set.

  • Shoes make all the difference

Leggings are a casual ensemble so your shoes should be like that too. Sneakers or sports shoes can be the perfect choice when teaming up with casual tops and if going for a little dressier option then boots or heels can do the trick.

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