Best dog foods for your pet furry friends

Dogs are the most loyal and lovable friend a person can have and if you have a pet dog it is your responsibility to take care of it by all possible means. Dogs are by far the most kept pets and some even treat them as their children as they do need care and nurturing just as one gives to their children.

A healthy dog is a happy dog and to make sure your dog is healthy you need to give them some dry foods rather than only home cooked food. The dry foods are special food especially made to make their metabolism strong. You might be taking utmost care of your dog, but if you are not giving them dog food then they will not receive proper nutrition and it will reflect on their health in the long run.

Listed below are some of the best options for your furry friend.

  1. Wellness Core

This food is high in protein and it is protein that is the most important nutrition for a dog. Less protein in a dog’s diet results in lack of energy and makes them prone to many diseases. Wellness core offers protein rich diet for your favorite pet.

  1. Harvey’s Pre Mix

An organic product for your baby that keeps the dogs stomach healthy as it is prepared without any chemical or synthetic fibre. The pre-mix is not to be given directly instead it has to be mixed in the home cooked meal you give to your pet.

  1. Taste of the Wild

As the name suggests, this packaged food is made of roasted and smoked meat and poultry fish that is easy to digest for dogs. As the source is meat, so it is full of protein that will eventually make your furry animal lively and strong.

  1. Addiction

Addiction is a dry food that is mainly made up of dry meat and vegetables and contains maximum nutrients and enzymes in it. Let your dog get addicted to this one for energy and health.

  1. Pedigree

Pedigree is one well-known dog food that offers a full range of dry foods, wet food and treats for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Their dry recipes are specially made to provide professional nutrition for your dog.

  1. Blue Buffalo Wilderness

Low in carbohydrate, rich in proteins, the Blue Buffalo Wilderness is a grain free food that is very healthy for your pet. It is also rich in vitamins and with no artificial colour or flavours added in this one, it makes for a healthy food source.

  1. The Honest Kitchen

If you like to offer home cooked food to your pet but are running low on time then The Honest Kitchen can come to your rescue. It is home cooked processed food for dogs with all the essential nutrients of protein, vitamins and carbs. It also comes in grain free range to keep your pet healthy and strong.

  1. Orijen

A grain free dog food that is high in protein and uses sweet potato as carbohydrate of the food, Orijen is made using five ingredients of meat that makes it protein rich. As the components of the food are taken from fresh meat it is a quality controlled food.

  1. Stella and Chew’s

A hundred percent balanced food that has enough protein and carbohydrate to keep your pet healthy and strong. Just two meals of Stella and Chew’s a day and your dog is done for the day.

  1. Nature’s Variety

A grain free food that is rich in protein and is easily digestible by dogs, Nature’s Variety will keep your dog healthy all through its life.

  1. Acana

Acana is low on carbs and rich in protein and this makes it really good for fatty dogs. It keeps the obesity in control making the dog healthy and happy. Also, it is a good source of nutrients for older dogs to keep them fit and fine.

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