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13 Fashion trends you wouldn’t want to miss this Fall/Winter

Give your vivid imaginations a rest and let us tell you what actually is trending. There are some new trends that are quickly occupying space while some are not yet ready to call it quits. From daintier to crazier we are here to spill the fashion trends.

  1. Masculine or feminine

The biggest and strongest trend this fall/winter is the use of masculine to accentuate your feminine look. Chunky boots, sweaters over pin-stripe combination, plaid check blazers, comfort fit pants in darker shades with shirt and a tie. Yes ladies these are some of the many options you got here.

  1. Layer, layer and some more layer

Looking good this winter is not an issue but keeping it warm might be. But not this time ladies! Layering is the key to keeping it warm yet keeping it stylish. Layer it over or layer it under, take your pick. Open-shoulder with transparent tank top, a full-sleeve turtleneck under a sleeveless dress, transparent lace dress over a bandeau top, layer it right to keep it stylishly warm.

  1. Pleats

Although this summer we saw a lot of pleats winter wasn’t far behind we’d say. Pleated midi skirts, pleated dresses, barely there pleats, multiple layers of pleats making you look oh so gorgeous.

  1. Suede

One of the most practical wear for fall/winter suede was loved back then in the 70’s and is still loved now. The softness, the shine, the perfect winter-material that is being seen in beautiful bold or demure light colours.

  1. Leather

Who doesn’t love their leather jackets, boots or even pants and everything in between? But now you can wear it more with leather coats, leather crop tops, hoodies, the little black dress and more.

  1. Embroidery and lace

Embroidery and lace are still a big part of fashion trends coming on from 2015 spring runway. Gorgeous lace dresses teamed up with leather jackets, incredible embroideries on plunge-neck tops, extra-long coats, transparent gowns, all in all one of the best fashion trends meant for this fall.

  1. Colourful fur

A bit of fur here and there or lots of it, there’s no denying that faux versions are bang on the fashion trends. Furry bib-like rounded collars, furry lapels, tufts of fur on hood, and the best part about this furry expedition is that it is all colourful. It can be amashup of colours that can add some extra zing in these drab winters.

  1. Metallic shine

The metallic look has been in rage for quite a few years now appearing in silver, gold, copper and more. A variety of shiny metallic details appearing on transparent gowns, golden coats, silver skirts, daytime shimmer, night time bling, all bringing some spice to the wardrobe.

  1. Midi hems

The modest yet sexy midi hems are really big this year. Stopping just over the knee or sometime just under as well! These hemlines elongate the figure flattering most when ending just above the knee as they make both legs and chest look effectively longer giving the lady the look of being taller.

  1. Pantsuits

The pantsuits are a big trend this season as the masculine meets feminine look is popularly in. Pinstripe pantsuits tucked into chunky boots worn with oversized sweaters, plaid checks, open-midriff buck-side pinstripe pantsuits or as they are famously called power suits.

  1. Cropped pants or culottes

Pants that ideally fall below the knee and above the ankle and not necessarily always flared at the ends! We thought this trend was way behind us but no these intriguing pants have stayed on the runway and some also come with a fringed bit of detailing.

  1. Sleepwear as outerwear

Didn’t you wear your slips and pajamas this summer as outerwear? Well the trend is still on this winter and yes now you will see it a lot more but in a refined form. Thin lace, thin straps, plunging neckline ahem!

  1. Denim and more denim

We know, we can hardly do without our denims and this season too it is our go-to fabric. Denim jackets, denim shirts, denim shorts too with patchworks, motifs, raw hems. Without a doubt denims are the most versatile of it all.

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