11 sweet and thoughtful gifts for your man-to-be on your wedding day

All set to start happily ever after. After years of dreaming about Prince Charming you are finally getting married to the man of your dreams. This day is one of the biggest days of your life but you can still make it extra or let’s say extra extra special.

By doing what?

Simple, gifting him with something that makes his smile a little wider and his heart warmer. Don’t know what to gift? Let us help you with the perfect gifts for the groom-to-be.

  1. Weekend getaway

Months of planning the wedding, sending the invites, last minute backups, yeah planning for an eventful wedding is super hectic and then the dreamy romantic honeymoon. But what happens after all of this is past? Same everyday routine, add some spice by going out for a quick weekend.

  1. Massage coupon box

A bonus for the newly married couple to bring them even more close. Fill a box with coupons for massage either for you or for him. Play some seductive music, don some sexy lingerie and ask him to pick a coupon every night and avail the services. How many coupons to add and what all services totally depends on you but one thing is sure ladies, both you and your hubby would love it.

  1. Gaming junkie

Is your husband a gaming junkie? Get him the latest Xbox or PS and see the child in him come out. Receiving this gift as a wedding present would make it all the more special for him.

  1. Tickets to his favourite sports match or a live concert

Be it his favourite music concert or his favourite sports, you obviously know he would love to watch it live. Surprise him with tickets to any such experience but don’t forget to make that two tickets, him and a friend to double the excitement.

  1. Couple spa

Post the festivities of the wedding and honeymoon a spa would be a more than welcome experience. What would be more intimate than getting a long massage or some therapy together?

  1. His favourite cologne

Most guys love colognes and they do have a favourite one. This one’s an easy winner.

  1. Engraved love band

There are engagement bands, promise rings and wedding bands but love band is different than the rest. Get a band engraved with something meaningful and exchange it on a special day.

  1. Cufflinks with your wedding date engraved

A pair of cufflinks with your wedding date engraved on it can be a memorable gift for a lifetime. Every time he wears those it would remind him of you and the special day.

  1. Personalized bank cards

Now that you two have become one, chances are either you or him wouldn’t mind sharing bank accounts. Open one joint account and get twin cards issued for them with a common design on them. It could be a wonderful way to show trust and faith when starting a new life together.

  1. A scrapbook of memories

Love or arranged doesn’t matter as you do have a special story. Collect pictures, notes, letters you exchanged, gift wrappers, dried flowers, chocolate wrappers and whatever memorabilia you can get your hands on and make it into one beautiful memory book that he can keep and cherish forever.

  1. Heart map

If your love story travelled some places then it’s a great idea to map out the places you’ve been together and even the places you would like to go. Start with the place you met and how your love travelled kilometers and destinations and now where you are and where you both would like to go.

  1. Always kiss me goodnight

Surprise him with a wall painted in your bedroom saying “Always kiss me good night”.

  1. Hubby & Wifey tees

Get a set of tees printed with Hubby for him and Wifey for you and wear it when going for your honeymoon.

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