11 fashion habits you need to follow in this New Year to be a New You

New Year is the perfect time to make resolutions and what better to make resolutions that make you more fashionable, more chic and more stylish. It’s time to change old fashion habits and follow new ones as the New Year is here and it’s time to be a New You.

  1. Invest in lingerie

Do you wait till the last moment when you desperately need new lingerie? Chuck this old habit girl and invest in a few good sets of bras and undies even if you don’t need them like now. Keep them handy in case you need to let go of the old ones or when you wish to have more options or just want to make yourself feel good and confident. You didn’t know that? Good lingerie adds up to your mood and then your confidence so invest in them.

  1. Shop for your body type

Doesn’t matter what’s in, you should only pick it up if it suits your body type. Just because a certain kind of dressing is very much in and all your friends are going for it doesn’t mean you have to wear it. Remember woman, you were made to stand out and not to fit in!

  1. Organize your closet

Simply because it will be easier to find clothes! Keep all your formal and casual wear separately. Also folding your clothes and keeping them neatly every day will save you from the hassle of monthly closet cleaning drama.

  1. Plan your outfits in advance

Save yourself some time and from that panic attack you go through most mornings when you are late to work and you don’t know what to wear. Just five minutes will all it take the night before and you will definitely save fifteen minutes the next morning.

  1. Make your hair daily

Your hair makes a lot of difference to your whole look. Try out different hairstyles and you will hit on one that would not only look great on you but would be easy to make too. Style your hair well and see the difference it makes.

  1. Accessories makethall the difference

Your outfit is incomplete without the right accessory and the wrong one can totally break your look. Make some extra effort and accessorize to take your look a notch higher. Just invest in some midi rings, a colourful scarf, delicate necklace and the likes.

  1. Pamper yourself good by shopping

It might be a little difficult if you are living on a budget but it’s still possible. Save a minimum amount from your pocket money each month and spend that amount on something nice. You’d really be proud of yourself when you shop with your own savings.

  1. Don’t shop just because there’s a discount

Just because your favourite web store like flipkart, snapdeal or amazon is offering discount doesn’t mean you have to shop. When you know you are getting things for cheaper you tend to buy impulsively and that too on clothes that you’ll rarely wear.

  1. Take time to dress up

Nobody likes to dress up in a hurry so why not skip that extra ten minutes of lazy napping in the morning and use that well for getting dressed. Once you start getting in to the habit of dressing up and leave the house on time there will be no stopping you woman.

  1. Follow stylish people for some extra inspiration

There’s not much effort you need to make when trying to get some styling tips as fashion bloggers are giving them out to you just like that. Follow style icons on social media and half of your styling battle is won. A little information can help you tweak your regular style.

  1. Stay true to your style

Everyone has one thing that defines their style, makes them stand out from the crowd and if you still haven’t figured out that about yourself then all you need to do is experiment with different styles and trends and you will get there.

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