10 corporate gift ideas that are actually different

Tired of the same old corporate gift ideas? Looking for something that your customers and clients would really love? Well we’ve got the list right here and no it doesn’t feature a mug or a key chain or a pen as they hardly add any value to the business relationship.

Times have changed and people only appreciate people or things that add value to their life and with these changing times corporate gifting too is fast changing. So here goes

  1. Humor

Everybody enjoys a good laugh and it is something that is definitely missing in these stressful times. Whatever you think of gifting it should have a fun element attached to it so it atleast brings a smile on the recipient’s face.

  1. Healthy eating

A gift box with healthy snacks can hit the right notes as it will not only make the receiver happy but also more productive. Besides the delicious taste you would give them an option of eating healthy in-between meals and since snack-time is a daily occurrence they’ll be thinking of you every time they open a pack.

  1. Fitness

Long-term relationships are what one looks for in a business relationship so why not gift something that yields long-term benefits. Fitness tools or membership or for that matter a fitness tracker make for perfect individual gifts and if it is for an entire team then it doubles as an employee productivity booster.

  1. Taste of other culture

Giving a gift of memories that last a lifetime, who wouldn’t love it? It can be a swanky trip or a costume dress from a place or its food. It can also be a specialty like a taste package or herbs, spices or easy-to-follow recipe. Local souvenirs could also be on the list and postcards with beautiful scenic views haven’t lost their beauty either.

  1. Night’s rest

Sleep has million benefits and who’s missing out on a good night’s sleep, almost everybody with such a busy and stressful routine. What can you gift for a good night’s sleep…comfy PJs, restful pillows, blankets, or a vacation.

  1. Handwritten note

Nothing can beat a personal handwritten note on a beautiful piece of stationery. It might seem like an inexpensive gift but would hold more importance as it would be thoughtful. How? Just by centering it around your client’s interest!

  1. The gift of Zen

It is a universal but sad truth that no matter who your client or customer be, stress is a part of almost everyone’s life. Wouldn’t a gift that would give them relief from stress even if for a little time be much appreciated? The gift of meditation could be soothing music, yoga classes, meditation course, book on self-heal or some time well-spent.

  1. Crossed life bucket list

It could be a perfect gift for a colleague or a closely connected client. If they are too busy and not able to take time out for themselves then why not be a part of their life bucket list helping them achieve what they wanted to do. It could be adventure, travel, work, responsibilities, just be a help to cross their bucket list.

  1. Give it

The gift of giving is something not everybody gets a chance to do. But, you can give them a chance by helping your clients’ volunteer that would make them feel proud and content. Another way is to buy corporate gifting products from a store or brand that contributes a percentage towards a special cause. Or you could go a step further and donate the full amount to a cause close to your clients’ heart in their name only.

  1. The gift of time

How would you give someone their own time? By helping them out with their services that would help them save their own time, be it sending a cleaner to their house or for their car or helping them out to maintain work-life balance.

Something else on your mind? There are no limits to creative and utilitarian gifts. Just make sure they add value to your customers making it a gift to remember.

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