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E-Commerce or electronic-commerce as everyone might know is the process of transaction conducted online for shopping, banking, data interchange, data collection etc. It can be drawn over mobile phones, tablets, personal computers and many other electronic devices which support it. Sitting on your bed and ordering food, paying bills and buying clothes in a convenient manner, can something be better than this??? E-commerce has thus become the life blood of the whole population over the world. Modern electronic commerce typically uses the world wide at least at one point in the transaction's life-cycle, although it may encompass a wider range of technologies such as e-mail, mobile devices, social media, and telephones as well.

Enough about WHAT IS E-COMMERCE?? Now we need to know something about e-commerce in India. According to a survey conducted, as of June 2012 India has approximately 137 million users of the electronic medium. Though it is much less as compared to the fan base in United States or United Kingdom, the number of entrants is growing and so is the industry. In India the Cash on Delivery system is the most popular method for obtaining ordered goods. It forms about 80% of the orders posted. Here, in India unlike other countries we are a tad too scared of the hackers and online goons so we want to obey the system of "joote do paise lo". India's e-commerce market was worth about $2.5 billion in 2009, it went up to $6.3 billion in 2011 and to $14 billion in 2012.Now, that's a growth. People who earlier used to stand in long lines waiting for their chance to come, be it to reach the ticket counter of Indian Railways or the payment counter of SBI, are now easily doing it over internet. IRCTC has provided a facile mechanism for booking, cancelling tickets, searching the availabilities etc. The system of net banking has become very popular as well, a clear evidence of it is visible in the husband-wife advertisements. Many people who used to struggle earlier for booking air tickets or planning a holiday can now easily do it online. Moreover, these online travel agencies themselves get you tickets booked that to with a discount. The advantages of e-commerce are numerous, vices being few, hence is becoming popular at a vigorous rate in various parts of India. India got its own version of the so-called Cyber Monday known as Great Online Shopping Festival in December 2012, when Google India partnered with e-commerce companies including  Flipkart,  HomeShop18,  Snapdeal, 

Indiatimes Shopping and Makemytrip. "Cyber Monday" is a term coined in the USA for the Monday coming after BlackFriday which is the Friday after Thanks Giving day. In early June 2013 Amazon.com launched their Amazon India marketplace without any marketing campaigns. Prominent online marketplaces are Flipkart, ebay, OLX, Amazon, snapdeal etc. which get huge funding from international and national companies. This is one of the main reasons for the burgeoning e-commerce here.

While talking about the growing retail trends in India we have to first talk about its location and concentration in the country. With the boom in retail space in Indian metropolis as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad ,Chennai, Kolkata we witness the coming up of malls, supermarkets and hypermarkets which aim toward providing a variety of goods under one roof. Mall expansion is also developing at a rapid pace in small towns with a population of 0.5-1 million, thereby, creating quality space for retailers to fulfil their aggressive expansionist policy. Social trends also affect the scheme of growth in retailing space for instance in the area of food retailing we have here people with diverse food habits and likewise retailing chains with well defined vegetarian or non-vegetarian food typology. Indians too have become tech savvy over the years which adds to the demand for latest range electronic goods, also a taste for exquisite furniture amongst the high class mass as well as the upper middle class as well as durable appliances, health and beauty products and sporting goods has added to the growth in their already increasing market value. Now a days, there is boom of one child policy being followed in India or max a couple possesses two children. An idea of nuclear family has been prevalent for quite a long time now. Me myself being a part of that trend can assure you that we pampered kids get a lot more though having a lot less. Even people from the lower middle class want best of clothes for their children, best of bed sheets for their bed so on and so forth. Jockey, Bombay dyeing, bodycare, Levis, UCB have become household names which were once uttered by the elite. Hence we see 3 to 4 outlets of these brands at one market place. Door to door service, self service, home delivery, digital delivery and several other forms of consumer friendly services has made the world of retail a pleasant place to reside in. Dial the number and get the pizza anywhere and everywhere within minutes or else demand cashback, isn't it amazing???As of now we have departmental stores, variety stores, boutique, general store, E-tailer etc apart from the gigantic malls and supermarkets through which one can avail a wide variety of goods coming from reliable brands.

"Mom I want a nexus, shreya has one, please let me get it" says priya and in reply comes a straight No!! Every time you ask for a dress or a phone or anything else you liked at some shop, do you get a blunt refuse??? Have you always been scolded for asking for a scooty or motorcycle???Do you feel your hands tied even after saving a lot in your piggy bank for months??? worry not!!cause we have a simple solution. Coupons and vouchers are your ultimate ticket to fulfilling your dream of owning your favourite vehicle, dress or phone. Several sites and for that matter ShopPal is amongst the prominent coupons provider who in turn provide you with heavy discounts apart from the one being offered by the concerned site. A discount of 30-40% is what you would want to avoid the hassle at home and availing these coupons is super easy. You just have to visit any one of these sites and click on the required featured store only to find your respective coupon code which has to be copied in your form while transaction and there you go. But in my opinion ShopPal still rules as being perfect in the role of Doremon. Besides it's actually not that simple and systematic to avail any given voucher. Some are even fake or can often go on to many windows opening together unnecessarily and you might get confused as to how make the sense of things.

With this we come to the end of the information on several features of electronic media. What we got to know was its accelerated growth due to its imperative utility and easy access resulting in us saving our time and money. All we need is to make the right choice and often deal with reliable sites to avoid hackers and online robbers and then one can see the joys of using internet and its importance in our life to the verge of us feeling almost handicapped without it.
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